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If you knowingly make a false statement when you are filing for bankruptcy, you can be accused of bankruptcy fraud. If you knowingly conceal any assets from the bankruptcy court or from a bankruptcy trustee, it is a separate crime.

Bankruptcy fraud is different than other criminal offenses and requires the expertise of bankruptcy fraud attorney, James Shapiro. For most cases of bankruptcy, the person who was accused will have been working with an attorney when they were filing for bankruptcy. The attorney should have been advising their client on what should be done with their assets once they have filed, which is why the defense for this type of case will most likely begin by looking at the attorney who helped the accused with their bankruptcy case to see if that can help to provide a defense.

The penalties for bankruptcy fraud are severe and can be life changing. James Shapiro will take a look at the specifics of your case to find the most compelling defense to get you the best possible outcome.

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