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Expert witness on expert testimony

Recently retained by one of Chicago's top law firms as an expert witness on the contours of expert testimony for a disciplinary hearing before the American Academy of Forensic Scientists. ... Read Full Article

Legal Writing Seminar: James A. Shapiro speaks to the Chicago Bar Association

I recently spoke to the Chicago Bar Association on the topic of legal writing. Before you watch, try taking the grammar quiz. To view a list of Posner’s 19 Anti-Lessons, visit Edilex Legal Editing. Take the Edilex Challenge Edit the following for ... Read Full Article

Past results posted here are no guarantee of future results

No lawyer can ethically or accurately guarantee results. ... Read Full Article

Tips on Effective Cross Examinations

I was recently invited to speak to the Chicago Bar Association about cross examinations. While I was a judge, I listened to countless cross examinations, both good and bad. Here are some of my recommendations to attorneys conducting cross examination ... Read Full Article

Federal Sentence Less than Half the Guideline Range

On September 23, 2013, Judge Shapiro obtained a federal sentence of less than half the range recommended by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Guideline range was 51-57 months (between 4-5 years), including a mandatory consecutive two-year minimu ... Read Full Article


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