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Embezzlement is theft or misappropriation of items/funds that were in the person’s trust. Embezzlement is a very serious white-collar crime that will usually occur in the work setting. In order for the prosecution to establish a case of embezzlement, there are four elements that must be established:

  1. There was a fiduciary relationship between the defendant and the party who lost the property
  2. The property came into the defendant’s possession through that relationship
  3. The defendant fraudulently assumed ownership of the property
  4. The defendant intentionally misappropriated the property

There are very severe penalties for embezzlement. The penalties that are given will depend on what the value of the misappropriated property was. Penalties may include hefty fines, time in prison, probation, and other consequences. Also, you can have damage to your reputation and you may jeopardize your career.

Since embezzlement is such a serious crime, you need a criminal defense attorney to build a strong defense for your case early on.   James Shapiro has the knowledge and experience that will help you to get the best possible outcome for your case. He will investigate your case thoroughly and will try to convince the authorities to drop and dismiss the embezzlement charges against you.

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