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Extortion is when one person coerces another person, either through blackmail or criminal threats, to hand over their property, control of property, or money. In Illinois, this crime is considered a theft offense under 720 ILCS 5/16-1 and is classified as anything from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class X felony. The classification will depend on how much was stolen and what the specifics were regarding the theft.

Extortion Defenses

If you are charged with extortion, it is very serious, as there are hefty fines associated with the charge and if convicted, you are very likely to serve a prison sentence. Experienced extortion defense attorney James Shapiro has vast experience in helping clients with these charges and will provide you with a vigorous defense.

Different extortion defenses that may be utilized include:

  • Showing that the alleged extortion was in fact a legitimate business tactic
  • Providing evidence that the person claiming extortion gave you the money or property for a reason other than coercion
  • Proof that the person claiming extortion has an ulterior motive
  • Insufficient evidence

James Shapiro will tailor a defense to the specifics of the accusations against you and the facts regarding your case. Extortion charges are very serious, which is why you should contact James Shapiro right away to help you with your case.

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