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Chicago Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Experienced Money Laundering Defense Lawyer in Chicago and Illinois

Money laundering is the concealment of where illegally obtained money came from and it usually entails transfers from foreign banks or legitimate businesses. If you are accused of money laundering, it is important that you understand the accusation and what the consequences are. Money laundering is a federal crime and there are numerous laws through the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, Money Laundering Control Act, Bank Secrecy Act, the Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act that are at the disposal of the federal government to prosecute those suspected of federal money laundering crimes.

For the most part, people who are being investigated for money laundering are suspected of a crime that is related to illegal gambling, drug activity or attempts to avoid paying their taxes. There is a risk of serving an extended prison sentence if there is an indictment for federal money laundering. Other consequences may include losing your home, cars and money.

Federal Money Laundering Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with federal money laundering, you need experienced criminal defense attorney, James Shapiro, to help you immediately. He has vast experiencing defending people who are being investigated and prosecuted for federal money laundering crimes. He works to have the charges against you dismissed and have any property that was seized returned to you.

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