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Judge Shapiro (ret.) works diligently to defend people who face DUI charges by developing a comprehensive defense strategy that minimizes your charges or penalties. In Illinois, DUI laws have recently extended the suspension period for even first-time offenders, and driving under the influence can also lead to jail time and significant fines.

By working with James Shapiro, you will have an experienced DUI attorney who will review all of your defense options and choose the best strategy to avoid or minimize consequences. He understands the personal and social scrutiny you are under during this time and will be there to support you so you are not alone.

Judge Shapiro helps his clients out with the following types of DUI Defense cases:

Chicago DUI Lawyer Examines Every Aspect of Your Case

Judge Shapiro (ret.) knows all of the questions to ask in order to check for mistakes in the state’s case. He will discover if there actually was enough probable cause for your traffic stop, he will investigate if you were properly warned of the consequences of a breath test refusal, and learn if you blew less than a .08 but were arrested anyway. By examining every aspect of your DUI case, Judge Shapiro (ret.) gives you the best support and defense throughout the process.

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