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White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

Experienced Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Lawyer in Chicago and Illinois

Fraud and embezzlement crimes, often referred to as “white collar crimes,” can result in lengthy prison sentences.  A conviction can not only impact the rest of your life but also affect the daily lives of your family and loved ones.  If you are under investigation tax evasion or have been charged with fraud or embezzlement, you need an experienced Chicago white collar defense lawyer to help keep you out of jail and reduce your penalties. Judge Shapiro (ret.) will fight for you to preserve your personal life, reputation, and employment future.

Defense Lawyer for White Collar Crime Including Tax Evasion, Fraud and Embezzlement Crimes in Illinois

Judge James A. Shapiro (ret.) has experience representing clients under investigation for the following cases. If you are found guilty of any of these white collar crimes, they carry heavy consequences:

  • Antitrust
  • Asset Seizure and Forfeiture
  • Compliance and Internal Controls
  • Computer Crimes
  • Corporate accounting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Supply Chain Compliance
  • Environment
  • Environmental and Wildlife
  • False Claims Act
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Higher Education
  • Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement
  • Pharmacy practices
  • Privacy
  • Public Corruption
  • RICO
  • Securities Enforcement
  • Tax Evasion

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