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Real estate fraud is any type of real estate transaction in which a false representation was made with the intention of deceiving a business or a person for financial gain. If there is misrepresentation or a scheme that targets a bank or other financial lender, it is called mortgage fraud. Both real estate fraud and mortgage fraud are serious charges, which is why you need experienced criminal defense attorney, James Shapiro, to help you with your case.

You may be charged with real estate or mortgage fraud for any of the following situations:

  • Foreclosure schemes
  • Getting a loan with false information
  • Overstating your income or falsifying wage documents in order to secure a loan
  • Predatory lending
  • Selling an investment that is secured by a piece of property without recording the deed
  • Selling or leasing a property that you do not own
  • Transferring a title in order to inflate the value of the property
  • Using another person’s identity to get a loan
  • Using straw buyers

Real estate and mortgage fraud usually involve brokers, appraisers and investors, but there can also be cases in which the home owner can also be charged with fraud.

Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud Penalties

If you are convicted of real estate or mortgage fraud, there can be severe consequences, which include hefty fines and time in prison. The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act raised the federal penalties in 2009 for mortgage fraud.  If convicted of mortgage fraud, this act says you can face up to 30 years in prison and have a fine imposed of up to $1 million. There may be additional penalties, such as additional prison time or fines if you are convicted of other charges as well, such as mail fraud or wire fraud. If you have been charged with mortgage fraud or real estate fraud, you need to contact experienced criminal defense attorney, James Shapiro, to help you immediately.

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