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You can face criminal charges if you are involved with any type of securities fraud, which is why you need criminal defense attorney James Shapiro. Securities fraud is also referred to as investment fraud or stock fraud, and is a deceptive practice in the stock/commodities market that persuades investors to buy or sell based on false information. You can be charged with security fraud for any of the following:

  • Accounting fraud-If a company’s assets were misrepresented because of false books or public financial records
  • Insider trading-If information was utilized that is not easily available to the general public in order to buy, sell or trade securities
  • Misrepresentation – If investors were provided with false or misleading information about a company or an investment

Securities Fraud Defense

It is important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are charged with any type of security fraud. There are severe consequences if you are convicted, including time in prison, hefty fines and your career can be ruined forever. Securities fraud is both a state and federal offense and the securities industry is closely watched for any fraudulent behavior. If you have been charged with securities fraud, you need experienced criminal defense attorney, James Shapiro, to help you immediately. He has vast experiencing defending people who are being investigated and prosecuted for securities fraud.

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