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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Often, people are unaware of how serious a white collar crime is. The penalties for a white collar conviction are significant and can be life changing. It is important to seek the legal counsel of experienced criminal defense attorney, James Shapiro, to help you with these charges.

Different Types of White Collar Crimes

There is a wide range of white collar crimes. As a general rule, white collar crimes are non-violent and usually deal with money. The most common types of white collar crimes are:

  • Embezzlement – This is a sub-category of fraud, and is theft or misappropriation of items/funds that were in the person’s trust
  • Extortion-This is when one person coerces another person, either through blackmail or criminal threats, to hand over their property, control of property, or money
  • Fraud-This involves any type of situation in which a person/organization obtained money or property illegally by lying or through misrepresentation

Although these are the most common types of white collar crimes, there are additional crimes as well that fall into this category. If convicted, there are severe penalties, including jail time. Criminal defense attorney James Shapiro can find the best defense to help you with your case.

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